🌟 Are you seeking for your own happiness? 🌟

Longing for peace, happiness and excitement? 💖 

🐰 ThenqThenq, Brightens Up Your Day 🐰 will teach you the Ultimate Guide Towards Your Own Happiness!


Happiness lie in WHAT YOU DO to stimulate your interest and energy.

Explore your source of inner happiness and energy with me through reading the awesome ideas that you can try below! 💖

Actually all the empty time, we can fulfill them with a lot of meaningful things:


1. Nurture ONE favorite hobby as your MAIN personality.


A meaningful hobby is the greatest self-development if you can persist on it. Interest expands your insights and make you feel the difference of world, more lovely and creative!


2. Reading, WEEKLY.


Explore some motivational readings and have deeper insights, communicate with the souls of author and you will get wonderful experiences and perspectives without spending much time to do it! From what you read in the books, you learn something new and gain insights from everyone, anyone.


3. Recharge your body and mind, WEEKLY.


Everyone is doing something you don’t know when they’re not around you, but it doesn’t mean your knowledge and insights are expanding as well. One day, you might realize your distance of intelligence and emotional quotients, compare with your companions. Always follow the world’s footsteps. Why not learn an extra foreign language, or do something new that you never think of?


4. Take time to be with family and friends.


Spend a fixed time to accompany your dearest family and friends, weekly. They are a part of your life, a part of “YOU”. Whenever you think about them, your heart feels warm in such a huge and complicated world.


5. Exercise! Healthy minds and body.


The progress of exercising, you realize each kilometer you run, or the sweats you drop are undeniably developing a better soul, a better YOU. Exercise, sports or yoga are significant to your health and body. They act as an invisible engraver itself from a relaxed state carved into a fit body. Exercise boosts your confidence as well!


6. FOOD is LOVE. 💖


Life is never ever boring in front of a plate of mouth-watering FOOD. Why don’t you cook yourself at home for your loved ones, besides enjoying the awesome food outside? If you don’t know how to cook, keep learning new recipes from the experts. (Example: Recipes coming soon from 🐰 ThenqThenq, Brightens Up Your Day 🐰! HAHA) Everything you cook, the ingredients are controlling by you, don’t be unmindful, take care of your own stomach and your loved ones.


7. Part-time working.


Invest your time on your unique talents, and it helps in managing your monthly revenue balance! Don’t you feel there’s already some happiness coming in? It’s never weird to multitask at a same time in the huge corporate world, you put in your efforts and every single coin you earn, you are getting more closer to your DREAM! 💖


8. Leisure and entertainment.


Throughout the busy days, remember to relax your minds and body as well. Chat with a friend, watch a movie, or do a meditation, as long as you let your souls to rest peacefully for a moment. Don’t let phones to fulfill your life, make your life wonderful and colourful with what you love to do! Don’t leave any regrets in the rest of your life.


Now you know what to do beside letting phones to fulfill your days and nights, right?!  💖


Credit: Goody



16 Scientifically-Backed Ways To Boost Your Happiness Almost Instantly! 




Credit: Huff Post




Here is a short video which might inspire your day:

Happiness is a journey not destination. 💖



Credit: Avan



Test: What do you need to live a happier life?

Click the test below:

Test What do you need to live a happier life.jpg

I would like to share with you my result from the test that designed for every single individual below:

My source of happiness is Self-Expression and I think super accurate!!!!!!! 🌟

“You always miss using your creative energy. Strict social rules don’t let you bring your ideas to life, and that’s why you need to find an outlet to satisfy your creativity. Result shows that creating paintings and signing up for vocal courses are mostly to be your source of happiness!”


Credit: Bright Side




Happy face

These are all the Ultimate Guide Towards Your Own Happiness from 🐰 ThenqThenq, Brightens Up Your Day 🐰 for today!



Next week post’s tips: Mouth-watering FOOD RECIPES for beginner! 💖

Who wants desserts?! HANDS UP! 💖💖


🌟 And maybe some new goodies in the new market to share?! 😍



Thanks for visiting 🐰 ThenqThenq, Brightens Up Your Day 🐰 today! 💖



33 thoughts on “🌟 Are you seeking for your own happiness? 🌟

  1. Liz says:

    Congratulation on your 1st wordpress post! Looking forward to your next posts!
    Your first posts isn’t that ‘naggy’, I love the fact that you have included pictures, video, and the interesting quiz. OH, I got ‘diversity’, and the results are very accurate too! 🙂
    Keep up the good work, 期待你接下來的更新。


      • Liz says:

        Kekekekeke, you are always welcome! 😀 (P.S. A little lazy in updating my blogs, perhaps it’s time for me to gear up a bit XD )
        I finished my First Year Degree studies in February, and going to continue my second year in Aug/Sept. It’s not confirmed yet if I would continue my study locally or oversea, since I have also applied to UK unis to continue the rest of my studies. :3
        I’m currently waiting for my application to be approved, and preparing for a new journey. ❤
        繼續活潑地到處散播正能量吧,兔子!^3^ 會一直支持你的哦~ 愛你 ❤


  2. Anonymous says:

    Your wordpress post seems to be full of energy, happy, energetic and lively. You are such a spirited young girl! I can feel that you will do anything you set your mind to do, keep it up and I hope to see your update soon.


  3. HsLee says:

    Well done. Simple, easy to read, informative. Something to read when there is spare time on hand, as it only takes a few minutes to finish it.
    Like the way you phrase your words as though you are talking to the readers. 😀


  4. YKLim says:

    WEW ! Amazing ! I can see that you’ve spent great amount of time on designing this page ! A lot of effort and felt you manage this page with heart. Continue to do it all da BEST !!!


  5. wen says:

    love your blog, nice design … what the first impression of mine is that nice blog to go through as the creativites and designs of this blog are wonderful as how you are giving the positive energy sources to others. 😄 看好你哦!加油↖(^ω^)↗


  6. Jimmy says:

    Greetings fom Cаlifornia! I’m bored to teaгs at work so I decided toօ check out your site on my iphօne
    during lunncҺ break. I love the knowledge you provide here and can’t wait
    to take a look when I get homе. I’m shockᥱd at how fadt your blog loaded on my pɦone ..
    I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyways, amazing site!


    • 🐰 ThenqThenq 🐰 says:

      Hi Jimmy, your words are so sincere and it makes me feel worthy to spread inspirational and positive vibes post as how my vision of wordpress aims to do! ❤ Super duper can’t wait to see your comments on other posts xD It’s a real acknowledgement to my efforts thankqiew ^^ ❤


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