Time is flying, never to return.

“Parents act so strong for us, that we often forget just how fragile they are.” Time is flying, never to return. 😊

So da' Jean

Sometimes, I think that life is really short.
Three weeks ago, my friend was enjoying stage show with her parents at Genting Highlands, it was amazing. However, something bad happened, right after the show.

My friend’s mother was sent to the hospital as she fainted due to high blood pressure.
In the hospital, they found out that her situation was bad and she needed an operation.

The operation went well and she was going home in few days. However, incident happened unexpectedly. My mind was totally blank when I got the message. I wish I could do something, but I couldn’t.

Today, is Mother’s Day. But my friend couldn’t celebrate this lovely day with her mother, ever. When people around her is celebrating this important day, she is on her way to send her mother off.


I am going to love my mother as much as I can. Please, appreciate…

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