🌟 20 ‘Websites’ Every College Student Needs In Their Life! 🌟

Are you a fresh man or college student? 💖 *High 5* for fun! 👏
No matter you are freshman or senior, you need these 20 these websites in your life, from budgeting to homework motivation.

Perhaps last semester didn’t go exactly as you had planned? Yoohoo! You came back from summer vacation with glowing skin and all the best intentions. “This was going to be the year,” you said. You were going to focus on classes and get that GPA up to something your mummy, daddy, uncle, auntie, your dog who calls Ah boy would be proud of. But no matter how your first semester went, a whole new semester is now upon us, which means you still have a chance to turn this school year around. 😁 😁 😁

Don’t worry, YOU ARE NOT ALONE😄

Check out these websites with shortcuts, tools, and motivational tricks to help you be on top of your game this year!

1. Mint

Money disappear easy?  Mint helps you track your spending, make budgets, and even check your credit. It tracks all your transactions, so you won’t blow your monthly allowance at Starbucks. Mint helps you to check where your 50 dollars in your checking account went to! 😄

2. Prezi

Terrified of public speaking that easy to make people yawn and distracted? Use Prezi! The awesome graphics and professional layouts will amaze your professor and audience so much that they won’t even notice you’re reading straight from your note cards. HAHA you win this time!

3. The Skimm

We’re getting to that age, where we shall know what’s going on in the current world, but it can be overwhelming to try to surf ALL the daily articles on news sites! The Skimm is a FREE daily email that summarizes (Wait, summarize means you know all the daily things happening in the world within the shortest time!) All the top news stories for you with a bit of sassy humor. Aren’t our college student life become a lot more easier in an adult world?

4. Google Scholar

Scholar databases! Guys, this is credible assignment saviour, please admit this. So much easier than trying to navigate all the confusing databases your school’s library provides. It’s just like regular Google, but it has credible sources you can use in your papers.

5. InternMatch

College student, WE ALL are going to get an internship sooner or later. For most of us, it’s sooner and you don’t have to deny this. Luckily, modern technology is here to pick up the slack. InternMatch allows you to find interships and entry-level jobs that match up with your interests! Embrace InternMatch for your intership planning!

6. Keep Me Out

ESPECIALLY USEFUL during EXAM! Also, assignments and important researches to do. Don’t have the willpower to stay off your favorite social media sites, while doing your homework? Keep Me Out prevent you from accessing your favorite sites for a length of time that you set. Also, our parents spend their lives to pay your college living expenses and the certificate, don’t “siasui” and be discipline no matter how tough when you are going through the semester. Use Keep Me Out to make your studies more efficient!

7. Quizlet

Quizlet fulfills all of your studying needs – it has flashcards, quizzes you on terms, offers practice tests, and even has fun games to help you learn the material. This website will save your life WEEKLY. They even have a mobile app now!

8. Student Rate

Student Rate literally gives you discounts on everything from clothing to textbooks, just for being a student. It will be your shopping BFF, I swear since now.

9. Alarmy

Scare to wake up late and miss the important lectures and tutorials? You might be able to get away with hitting snooze and skipping your lecture hall, but your future boss isn’t going to appreciate you “sleeping past your alarm.” If getting out of your bed isn’t your thing, then Alarmy is for you.

10. Rate My Professor

Rate My Professor WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE. If you don’t already use it, YOU ARE NOT DOING COLLEGE RIGHT I TELL YOU. Rate My Professor has all the details on all your future professors so you can dodge the crazies and sign up for the classes that give A’s.

11. RealCalc

Not Maths pro? Never mind, RealCalc is extremely useful to help you with maths. These days, you need a new calculator for every math class you take. Skip the expensive ones and download this app – RealCalc does it all for you FOR FREE!


12. Wolfram-Alpha

Wolfram-Alpha has saved millions of people on a multitude of occasions. It basically answers all of your homework questions for you, or will point you towards helpful resources than can help. It can even help solve your math problems, which is great if you don’t remember anything from your high school math classes.

13. Bibme

Not sure HAVARD REFERENCING? Never mind, this is not help you to complete your citations and bibliographies. It helps you learn! Seems like professors always want different citations and bibliographies for their assignments, but they never actually show you how to do them. Whether it’s APA, MLA, or anything in between, Bibme helps you compile your sources in the proper format.

14. Stack Exchange


Stack Exchange is similar to “the brain of the top student in your class”. Stuck on a homework question that you just can’t figure out? Stack Exchange is like the more accurate version of Yahoo Answers, with a community of experts available to answer your questions.

15. Roger Hub

Around final exam time, Roger Hub will be your new best friend. It calculate what you need on your final exam to get a certain grade, whether your professor uses points, weighting, or percentages. It can even help you figure things out when your lowest grade is dropped.

16. UStream

We all know in the midst of semester, we always feel struggle to the collaboration, feeding our brain with lecturers note for exams and still manage to get the expectation of lecturer. If you’re feeling down sometimes,UStream is guaranteed to cheer you up with inspirational and positive videos! It streams live videos of all kinds of cute animals.

17. SkyDrive

Group projects are unavoidable in college. But with SkyDrive, there’s no need to battle everyone’s schedules to arrange a meeting time. SkyDrive allows everyone to upload and work on the project whenever is convenient, and it works much better than Google Docs.

18. TED.com

Ted Talks are awesome. You can watch them to procrastinate, to get ideas for your next paper, or even to use as a reference source. They cover a wide range of topics, and explain complicated topics in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand. THEY FEED YOUR BRAIN WITH NEW PERSPECTIVES OF WORLD~~

19. Amazon Student

With a student email, you get six months of Amazon Prime for free! Which means free two-day shipping, cheap textbook rentals, and discounts on anything from electronics to clothing. You can also earn $5 for each friend you refer, and they’ll get $5 credit as well.

20.  Written Kitten

If you ever find yourself lacking motivation to write that term paper, this website will be your savior. You set a word count, and whenever you’ve typed that many words, you’re rewarded with a new picture of a kitten. Who says writing papers can’t be fun? HAHA

Real college life saviour: Odyssey Beta !!!



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4 thoughts on “🌟 20 ‘Websites’ Every College Student Needs In Their Life! 🌟

  1. Mandy J says:

    Hi, I find this is really useful as even I’m already a 2 years degree students, I don’t even know the existences of some of the links. Thanks for recommending them. The Mint and InternMatch will definitely help a lot! xx


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