The Great Artists with amazing songs that move your heart. 🎤 🎶 💕

In this WordPress, I am going to introduce you the 5 talented artists in our country that really made Malaysia proud! 💖

They are Yuna, Shila Amza, Guy Sebastian, Siti Nurhaliza and Sada Borneo! 🎤 🎶 💖

1) Yuna ft. Usher – Crush 🎤 🎶 💕

Yunalis Mat Zara’a, Malaysian singer-songwriter and businessman. She has her own MySpace pages posted a lot of her singing videos. Needed to say, her videos has more than one million CTR! Her website made her company realized her and therefore she was signed to be one of the promising singer. 😍

2) Shila Amzah – 再見不再見 🎤 🎶 💕

Nurshahila Bintu Amir Amzah, she got champion in I’m a singer 2 show, at the same time she is also a singer-songwriter and record producer. In Year 2011 she produced a song called “Patah Seribu” and it is known by numerous people, besides that she also obtained The 19 Malaysian pop music awards of the Year.

3) Guy Sebastian – Like a Drum 🎤 🎶 💕

Guy Theodore Sebastian, borns at Malaysia but emigrated to Australia since young. His charming voice got him an Australian Idol winner in Year 2003. Besides that, he is also one of Australia’s version of the “X Factor” judge program now! xD

4) Siti Nurhaliza – Bukan Cinta Biasa 🎤 🎶 💕

Datin Sri, Siti Nurhaliza binti Tarudin is a Malaysian singer, songwriter, record producer, television presenter and businesswoman. In Year 2005, she was listed second by MTV Asia in Asia’s Best Musical Artiste and Channel V’s Biggest Asian Artiste. Coming to Year 2008, she was also named as one of Asia’s Idol by Asia News Network. Her success in the Asian region has gained her honorific titles including “Voice of Asia” and “Asia’s Celine Dion”.

5) Sada Borneo – Hallan Hashim and Friends 🎤 🎶 💕

A Malaysia indigenous music groups, Sada Borneo (Sound of Borneo) recently went to Asia’s Got Talent show and successfully makes Traditional Music alive! 💕
Their group name “Sada” means sound from native language. They have 11 Malays with guitars, electric guitar, drums and Malaysian traditional instruments which is called sape. Their rhythm is very comfortable which makes you feel like you have returned to the nature – feel relief!


And now comes my recommendations – 5 best artists with their songs that move your heart. 💖

They make the blood rush through our veins.
They make our soul sing.
They make us want to get up and give our best.
They move us.


1) Mark Rohson ft. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk 🎤 🎶 💕

And here comes to the very first one! – Uptown Funk! 󾮞 💕
To be extremely honest when you first listen to this song, your body gestures will automatically react way quicker than your brain tell you what should you do!

And this is my best love (Among so many English song I guess). Hehe! 🐰👍
(Pretty love the song that move people’s blood!)

So, switch on and let the music speaks. You don’t really have to listen to me crap about how amazing is this song meant to me! 😍 👊 ✨

2) Christina Grimmie – Titanium 🎤 🎶 💕

And the second one also the best, this reveals how I first knew Christina this talented young girl 💕
From her covers until her debut, I’m glad that we all find ‘an invisible power’ in her unique interpretation of music. 😊 💖
Listen to the high-pitched voice! It’s just soooo Perfect. 💖
Still love you and your music stays in people’s heart!

3)  CN Blue – Can’t Stop 🎤 🎶 💕

Okay HAHA CN Blue is a South Korean pop rock band formed in Seoul. This “Can’t Stop” Music Video was written by their members too (Yonghwa and Jonghyun) in Year 2014. 😍 💖
CN Blue consists of Jung Yong Hwa, LEE Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jung Shin, I believe their music will continue to inspire many more souls in past, present and the future! 💖 💪 ✨

4) Shiny 姚亦晴 – 牆 🎤 🎶 💕 (Translation: Shiny – Wall)

A 20 years old Taiwan potential girl, being inspired by the anime “進撃の巨人 Attack on Titan” in Year 2013. This creative music video will not born without the collaboration of her school friends that helped her to act in the scenes too! Haha 💕
In fact I love this anime HAHA (The broken-hearted scenes 😂 xDD) SO THAT’S WHY I WANNA SHARE THIS MUSIC VIDEO HEHE xDD *Brought back my memoriess* 💖

5) Yiruma – Kiss the Rain 🎤 🎶 💕

Last but not least! -Yiruma,
the promising piano music composer that plays superb music from South Korea. 👊👍✨
Listen to his musics, you will automatically get silent. 😊 💖
A man who gives you a lot of “Inspiration” and controls your “Emotions” xDD 👍

Among his most popular pieces are “River Flows in You” inspired from Samuel Vallée, “Kiss the Rain” and “Maybe”. Yiruma’s videos on YouTube have reached over 400 million views, which is a strong indication of his worldwide popularity and appeal. Be prepared to be enchanted by a magical evening of beautiful, touching renditions of Yiruma’s most popular and loved melodies!


I hope you enjoy the musics above! 💕
Besides that, do you have any song recommendations wanna share? Just share it out for many more people to notice the talents! 🐰 🌟








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