Beauty of Being Alone :) (Part 1)

Eventhough it’s just words, but you are able to feel the “regret feelings for the past” and how she determined to “embrace herself again” 👍 #Motivatedsia

Recommend this – Travelogyee is a girl who always put a smile on her face and does things for her best! ^^ 👍

A good read! 🙂



(read either the English version or the Chinese version, its the same xD)

The Old Me


I use to be a girl who was so afraid of being left out and be alone. So i remember when my friend was so busy that they ignored me (I know they don’t mean it), I will get mad, like really really mad. I don’t like, or should i say HATE when people saw me doing anything alone. For me, it is something embarrassing and i’m ashamed of. During secondary school recess time, if there is no one accompany me, I rather starved myself. (It’s pretty hard for a people who loves to eat so much)


When Friendship started to change


I thought, i’m a social butterfly
I thought, there are a lot of people who cares about me
I thought, people who approached me are sincerely want to…

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