Is there really a word ‘LOSE’ out there? Or there’s something you yet to learn?

Recently, I’ve watched this Hong Kong drama called <<法網狙擊>> and one of the actor, 梁志健 (艺名: 森美) left me a really great impression, be it acting skill or the way he represents himself. ♥

The fact is, I noticed that he is very considerate with how the personalities of his character should be (mature acting skill!), I meant, he is not only a very thoughtful actor, he is also a very good-natured person with accountability (You can see)! After some pondering, (I felt like I gotta learn from this good good people, coz ya know haha) I really think that there are some wisdom for me to explore! HAAHAHAA

And one day, I accidentally * (No, I saw 杨敏之 on Instagram then I found him uwao ~TT ♥ Then I realized WA LAST TIME GOT A POPULAR DRAMA HE GAVE UP THE 2nd PROTAGONIST CHANCE? IF NOT I MAY KNOW HIM EARLIER! Ok the drama was called <<使徒行者>> actually HAHA *and because he sick lar aw 😥 then I started to…) found this Youtube video where WISDOM CAME JORRR~~~ HAHAHAHAHAHA

Okay I’m always nagging but who cares, the big big lesson I wanna share here is, shared by my recent idol ♥ – 金字良言啊 TT

And this wakes me up! ABOUT WIN OR LOSE.

To be able to live with what you want – your talents to be seen, heard and shared. You think you very popular ah? … some wisdom to be shared by him!

First of all, know how to be a good-hearted person. Because the word ‘attitude’, it’s very complicated to talk about. If you talk (with your mind) and share some negative thoughts, human nature might feel they don’t have a need to support you.

So, be kind~ be pure~ and be always humble 🙂
Suddenly this reminded me some seniors of mine when I was in librarian training during my secondary school. They took “discipline” strictly and trained each of us to always pay attention to our manner. To be honest, I “kena” few times, but after years, I received their compliment as they really see my obvious improvement, and since then, my talents are seen.

Therefore, being a good person is way much more important than any other things else. *Wink wink* ♥

Perhaps there are something I yet to learn, where shall I direct myself now.

Thank you Sammy! Mua Mua ♥ Love you ♥


Image result for sammy leung

See see! Right-hand side that one, 森美 HAHAHHAHA.

P/S: Hi 敏之~ 敏之 is the left-hand side one HAHAHAHA ♥♥ I love her acting in here too! GORGEOUS MOU ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Image result for 森美

A very responsible Hong Kong DJ and talk host, and actor, Ok LOL haha ♥

Image result for deng chao


*OMG just realized 森美 is elder than 邓超 and both of them have 1 son 1 daughter 1 wife same! Okay detective check out BYEEEEEE

By Thenq Thenq ♥♥


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