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Lim Lay Theng (ThenqThenq 🐰) Lives in Klang, Selangor. 💖

19 Years Old, Diploma in Mass Communications, IACT Creative Communication Specialist College. 💖

Loving Arts, Musics, Novels. They are irreplaceable as a form of self-expression for me. 💖

Food lovers, Adventurous Traveler, Loves Writing Insights and Design Arts, Interested in Psychology & Philosophy, Concerns about the World & Society especially Family & Friends. 💖



“We show our strong and fierce face to the world to protect ourselves, but forgotten our soft & lovely heart is the most beautiful ones.”

— ThenqThenq 🐰

A person who DREAMS BIG, as she does everything sincerely and wholeheartedly 💖 Built numerous principles and attitudes to keep her pure and happy inner side. 🏻🏻😊

I’m a girl that have a lot of emotions from bottom of heart, not every ideas could bring to the real world, but you may make  🐰 ThenqThenq, Brightens Up Your Day 🐰 as one of your comfortable world by visiting often! 😊 💖 



“We were born in this world to make something wonderful and share happiness, such as knowing each others, create something meaningful, and spend our time wisely and happily with whatever we do.”

— ThenqThenq 🐰

Yay! I have a dream to spread positiveness and inspirations to everyone around. 🌟

I believe everyone has their dreams within their different unique souls. 💖


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